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To importers, processing enterprises, trading networks and supermarkets, interested in purchase of fruits and vegetables

Dear partners,

We found your contact on ITC database of horticultural importers and believe that the information below might be of interest to your company.

With this letter we would like to invite your company to the annual trade forum "Fruit and Vegetable Contract 2020", which takes place in Kherson on March 27, 2020

The aim of the conference is to create better business opportunities for horticultural market players in both in Ukraine and among foreign importers. As a result, you will find new suppliers of fruits and vegetables, direct contracts, a wide range of products with on-demand quality, stability of supply, legal procedures.

The event will consist of two blocks:

1. Short thematic presentations

Analytics of horticultural market in Ukraine and in the world
Key trends and projections for the 2020 season.
Practical cases of creating value-added products.

2. Networking

Participants of B2B negotiations: A) representatives of purchasers, processers, trading networks, supermarkets, foreign importers. B) producers of fruits and vegetables

Details in Ukrainian available here:
This conference if relevant for you, if
  • You are looking for suppliers of high quality fruit and vegetable from Ukraine
  • You look for contracts for the supply of a wide range of products
  • You wish to get acquainted with the main players of horticultural market in Ukraine
Why we are sure, this event benefits your business:
  • We invite target audience only. Participants are traders and direct producers with experience in supply to distribution channels and exports.
  • Opportunity to discuss direct contracts.
  • Formation of supply at the request of the importer: quality, packaging, assortment.
  • Work under the requirements of the customer - cooling, packaging, pre-sale preparation, logistics and so on.
Please inform us of your interest in the event by February 17, 2020 and fill out the participant form. If you can not join the forum, but still interested to collaborate, please send us short information about your company and type of supply you are interested in.

About organizer

Non-profit organization "Zemlya Tavriy " works as agribusiness consulting and implementer of international technical support projects in the field of horticulture in the South of Ukraine. We are a partner of the Ukrainian project of business development of horticulture UHBDP ( The main goal of UHBDP project is to develop the agricultural sector of southern Ukraine. During the last four years Project until now Project database of horticultural producers has reached 30 000 men and women.

In our work we aim to establish mutually beneficial relations between horticultural producers and consumers, including those outside Ukraine. Experience of our organization indicates that the players of the fruit and vegetable market require a platform for better business opportunities. We organize "Fruit and Vegetable Contract 2020" to address this issue.

Our goal is to create effective mechanisms for cooperation between producers and consumers, which will allow quality products to find a worthy place not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders.

Organizational details:

Date: March 27, 2020
Place: Kherson, Ukraine
Participation cost: free

Sincere regards,
Elena Synuyk
Customer Support Manager
"Zemlya Tavriy"

Phone:+ 38 (050) 745 43 47
Skype: + 38 (050) 745 43 47
Viber, WhatsApp: + 38 (050) 745 43 47

telegram: +38 (067) 553 13 22