«Fruits and Vegetables Contracts 2020»
To create better business opportunities for horticultural market players in Ukraine and foreign importers.
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In Kherson on March 27, 2020
As a result, you will find new suppliers of fruits and vegetables, direct contracts, a wide range of products with on-demand quality, stability of supply from registered businesses.

The event will consist of two blocks:
1. Short thematic presentations
  • Analytics of horticultural market in Ukraine and in the world
  • Key trends and projections for the 2020 season
  • Practical cases of creating value-added products

2. Networking
Participants of B2B negotiations:
  • buyers, trading networks, processors, supermarkets, foreign importers
  • producers of fruits and vegetables
Who are our farmers?
We work closely with producers of fruits and vegetables in Ukraine
producers of fruits and vegetables
main areas of Ukraine
product categories
years of cooperation
This conference if relevant for you if you are looking for:
  • the suppliers of high quality fruits and vegetables from Ukraine
  • the contracts for the supply of a wide range of products
  • the contacts of the main players of horticultural market in Ukraine
Why are we sure, this event benefits your business:
  • We invite target audience only. Participants are traders and direct producers with supply experience to distribution channels and exports.
  • Opportunity to discuss direct contracts.
  • Formation of supply at the request of the importer: quality, packaging, assortment.
  • Work under the requirements of the customer - cooling, packaging, pre-sale preparation, logistics and so on.
About organizer
Non-profit organization "Zemlya Tavriy " works as agribusiness consulting and implementer of the international technical assistance project in the field of horticulture in the South of Ukraine. Our organization is the partner of the Ukrainian Horticulture Bisness Development Project UHBDP. The main goal of UHBDP extend and expand individual firm capability and horticulture value chain through catacity development, linkages to markets, and improved market relationships between market actors. Since the project has started the numbers of horticultural producers reached more than 30 000 men and wowen .

In our work we aim to establish mutually beneficial relations between horticultural producers and consumers, including those outside Ukraine. Our organisation experience indicates that the players of the fruits and vegetables market require a platform to grow bussness opportunities. We organize "Fruits and Vegetables Contracts 2020" to support you.

Our goal is to create effective mechanisms for cooperation between producers and consumers, which will allows hight quality products from Ukraine to find a worthy price and better markets in Ukraine and all over the word.

Organizational details:

Date: March 27, 2020
Place: 73000, Ukraine, Kherson
57A, Ushakova avenua
Participation cost: free

Sincere regards,
Elena Synuyk
Customer Support Manager
"Zemlya Tavriy"

Phone:+ 38 (050) 745 43 47
Skype: + 38 (050) 745 43 47
Viber, WhatsApp: + 38 (050) 745 43 47

telegram: +38 (067) 553 13 22
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Organizers of event
The event, supported by the Ukrainian Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP), funded by the Ministry of International Affairs of Canada, is co-funded and implemented by the Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA).